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Doctoral Student Award 2019 given to Tilman Michaeli

The GI Group CSE awards the Doctoral Student Award to PhD students in the field of computer science education research, who present themselves in the national and international community, participate in relevant conferences and present their work for discussion, whereby the individual research processes benefit qualitatively.

Tilman Michaeli from the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg could convince with the successful acceptance of his contribution “Improving Debugging Skills in the Classroom - The Effects of Teaching a Systematic Debugging Process” at this year's workshop in Primary and Secondary Computing Education (WiPSCE). With his work he makes innovative contributions to both educational research and the practice of CS education.

The doctoral student award is in recognition of these achievements and is linked to a prize money of 500 EUR, with which the further research of the awardee is to be supported.

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