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Practical projects

Computer Science Student Labs

For information about student labs refer to the page of the SLI network (in German only).

Promoting young scientists


2008-2013 DFG-Projekt „MoKoM - Entwicklung von qualitativen und quantitativen Messverfahren zu Lehr-Lern-Prozessen für Modellierung und Systemverständnis in der Informatik“ (Development of qualitative and quantitative measurement methods for teaching-learning processes for modelling and system understanding in computer science) (J. Magenheim, N. Schaper, S. Schubert)

2010-2012 DFG-Projekt "Komina I - Kompetenzentwicklung mit Eingebetteten Mikro- und Nanosystemen (KOMINA)" (Competence Development with Embedded Micro- and Nanosystems) (S. Schubert, R. Brück, D. Fey)


2012-2015 BMBF joint project „KUI - Kompetenzen für das Unterrichten in Informatik“ (Competencies for Teaching Computer Science) (N. Schaper, P. Hubwieser, J. Magenheim, S. Schubert)

Other research projects (financed by federal states, foundations, etc.)

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