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GI Special Interest Group "Computer Science Education - CSE"

The special interest group 'Computer Science Education - CSE' in the German Informatics Society (GI) provides a forum for topics in the field of computer science education.

In this special interest group, questions from all education phases, university, school, and economy are discussed, as far as they concern basic, advanced and further education in the area of computer science. The group considers 'Computer Science Education' an independent discipline of computer science, which contributes to assuring the quality of computer science education processes, also with regard to well-founded media education. It is required to design, further develop and evaluate appropriate content, methodological and media concepts for computer science in schools and universities and thus to make a contribution to educational research. Computer science education fulfills this task by orienting itself towards scientific developments, analysing them and selecting and preparing relevant aspects from educational points of view. It also has the task of analysing educational practice and feeding it back into theory development.

The special interest group sees itself as a place of discussion for CS education research that provides innovative impulses for the practice of CS education. The special interest group was founded on 12 April 2002 at the University of Paderborn (cf. policy paper 'concept of the group').

Speakers of the Group

Board of the Group


Membership in the group „Computer Science Education“ is subject to a fee according to the decision made in the founding meeting.

The regular annual fee for GI members is 15 Euro (for discounts and further regulations see the registration form).

As a non-member of the GI you have the possibility to become an associate member of the special interest group. The fees are then 20.00 Euro (regular) and 10.00 Euro (reduced) (see registration form for associated members).

For members of the special interest group, the participation fee for workshops of the group is reduced by the amount of the annual fee. In addition, members of the special interest group receive free of charge conference proceedings on topics related to computer science education.

Further information about membership in the GI: https://gi.de/mitgliedschaft/

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